About Meanderings

“Meanderings” is my own ideal of a space where I am allowed to meander, not aimlessly, but rather seamlessly, between the mundane and the exotic, or one corner of my world and another. I join up all the pieces of the fragmented self in the way we live our lives into an integrated whole. Here, I don’t have to leave a part of me “at home” when I get on a plane to Burundi or Bangladesh and call it work. There is no compartmentalizing between the metaphysical, the natural world, my sense of social justice, and the methodological issues that dog me on the job. In meanderings, I concede that every experience and thought I have belongs to the personal.

As someone who has spent a lifetime traversing different cultures, borders, and geographies, here I am able to build the bridges where there were no connections before, all on the plane of my own life journey. But the most formidable boundaries are erected by the mind and those are the world we carve out of our roles, identities, and presumptions. In this space, I am without a role. I am who I am, inviting the heart into conversation with the mind or the body or the soul, sustaining one another like old friends. And I do not need to show up with answers; on the contrary, meanderings ushers me into the play of life with a question and where it leads me, I am only certain to find another question. All of it is just fine.

Latest Entries
At Home

The Big Shift

A bucolic, sylvan lifestyle has always appealed to me. For as long as I can remember, I have secretly harbored a longing to live “in the country.” But my career has kept me tethered to an urban abode. Admittedly, I have managed to abscond from the megalopolises of Paris, Berlin, Cairo and Dhaka to a … Continue reading »

Quiet Space

Lost in Time

If time does not exist, then it cannot be ceaseless. Sitting at the boulders’ edge of the Potomac River at the tail’s end of a craggy, waterlogged path, I sense something more in my connection to the fast and furious current, more than the rapturous beauty of nature’s wild rush. It’s that endless quality of the … Continue reading »

At Home

Did You Say “Worms”?

My mind has a tendency to switch to the quest channel – tuning in to the endless search for answers, the meaning of life, the expression of multiple universes, the space that exists within the atom, until the search for my cell phone or my keys jolts me out of cruise control. What truly keeps … Continue reading »

On the Road

Impressions: Bangladesh

I am reviving my poetic version of Bangladesh below for my readers and sharing photographic memories from my recent trips.  The first is set is a boat trip with some girlfriends on the haors under the rain in Sunamganj: And the second set is a tea estate in Sylhet: And here is my dedication to Bangladesh, … Continue reading »

At Home

Future Food

Most people, as they get older, are forced in one way or another to think about what they eat. Fortunately, I have not had medical reasons to do this; I am grateful for my partner whose athleticism has made him a tad health-conscious. I admit the happiest outcome for me in greening my diet has … Continue reading »

At Work

Who’s Lying?

Sitting on the shore of Heart Lake in the Adirondacks, the perfect spot for recovering from yesterday’s strenuous hike and for contemplating . . .  lies. It has been a few weeks since I returned from a field visit in South Asia for a pilot and training on data collection tools. We were assisting a … Continue reading »

At Home

Summer Solstice

I thought it appropriate to announce my blogsite on the occasion of the summer solstice, what we in the North know as the longest day of the year.  The day celebrated by ancient civilizations the world over, the solstice is a festive event well known to the Celts, the Sioux, and even in Quebec where … Continue reading »

At Home

What is milk?

What could be more mundane than milk, you ask. What could be more basic to all of creation than a mother’s milk? And what could be more available at any street corner anywhere in the world (okay, except Asian countries) besides bread but cow’s milk?  In India, you’re almost sure to get it fresh from … Continue reading »