On the Road


One of the most magical cities I have ever been to, Sanaa, the capital city of Yemen, is like stepping into a dream and turning the clock back 2000 years. I never would imagined how many times I would fall in love with the places I have been called to and this one stole my heart, with its architectural splendor, a World Heritage City. Its stone roads, tower houses, ramparts, and ornamentation by night evoke a mystique of life lived in the interior of these walls. While my work brought me there for brief stays, I feel privileged to have been able to become acquainted with this culture and to have gained lifelong friends tied to this land but compelled to make their home elsewhere. Sanaa remains a special place for me, one of those “off-the-beaten-track” corners of the world that few people, except the Yemenis and the diaspora, can ever truly represent in words.