Quiet space

The most prized of all spaces, the one that has come to matter most, is the quiet space, the journey to one’s inner world. To some people, meditation can be scarier than rock climbing or a job interview. In its place, the world of distraction at the touch of an I-pad appeals to one’s sense of choice. Eventually the over-stimulation gets to us and yoga, at the corner studio, will bring the one hour in the week of de-stressing and de-toxification with the promise of a more flexible, beautiful body. That is, if one is looking for a palliative.

But anyone who has edged closer to the true meaning of yoga—the soul’s union with the Absolute—and experienced a “letting go” knows what real freedom is. Many spiritual traditions across all cultures and within the cosmology of Native Americans and indigenous peoples make available to us a path of deeper knowing. What matters is not the tradition or lineage but the ‘becoming’ and awakening to greater authenticity, to seeing oneself in the light.

The people who have inspired me the most have crept in through the quiet space. Their grandeur lies in their dedication to empowering others to realize their potential and to serving humanity, whatever their profession, with humility and love. Those who have guided me personally have catalyzed in me a ceaseless undoing of some of my most fundamental beliefs. They have challenged perspectives I have held, bound to a rational-scientific mindset of Western society. I believe, if we want to evolve as a species, we need to understand other ways of knowing, expand our global consciousness, and ‘construct bridges’ across infinite divides by beginning with the inner journey.

I will cover a wide range of topics from my own life lessons and forays, such as kundalini, meditation, consciousness, and quantum theory.