Quiet Space


Free-floating, drifting flakes

No reason, direction, or purpose

I am their mirror

Seeing through eyes through glass

No reason, direction, or purpose

Just here, where I happen to be.


Give me time and in time, I will act and interact

For now, leave me outside of time

Where nothing matters

And the frosty-white painted trees

are standing tall, just as they appear to me.

Silent as the snowflakes

Forgiving, alive and aware.


The free roaming feathered beings

make it into a fairy tale for me.

I am their hidden witness.

Do I need a purpose that is not embodied

as it is for the bird or the tree?

Let me just sit by the river

Impregnated with the wondrous beauty

of all of nature in this panoramic picture.


Leave me here for a while,

Maybe forever,

To regain spirit, spirit, spirit.

I don’t need another purpose

I don’t need doing and thinking.

Keep me free, free just as I am.


Not someone special, no.

Not the me, the physical one with a name

And a reputation.

Make me anonymous.

The blood flowing through my veins

to the rhythm of the river and the wind

And the currents running under my feet,

it is this that I want to feel.


Let me sink roots joined to the earth

so that I can feel the turning of the solstice.

Let me feel nourished by the lifeforce

Giving, non-discriminating, abundant.

And if my ancestors are looking on,

Tell them to take away their old ghosts,

the ones that have not finished their stories.


Leave me now in peace

The peace that protects, soothes

And is true to our nature.

Like floating on the ocean,

gently in the arms of a rocker,

the mother of the universe

I want to feel.


Don’t sell me your ideas either.

They will just come and go

like money and your furniture.

I am just here now because

because it is where I belong.

And, yes, it is my right to embrace it all,

to be absorbed into the great currents and energies

that have brought me here to this shore.