At work

The demands of my work, especially as a consultant, put me in service to others, so that the client – what he/she wishes to know or learn – gets prioritized and bundled in a report. That is normal but, in this space, first priority is awarded to the questions that swirl in my own head with no immediate outlet. I honor them here in giving them a wide open pasture to ruminate. Some are highly philosophical and challenge presumed practices in my field. I may venture into a question about the scientific method and its stability in establishing truth. Some inquiries crop up out of the intersection of mind and heart or the metaphysical layer of practical action in the world. There are many of these in the field of international development where doing good and tackling social injustice converge with our own dualistic behaviors, fears and judgments. Work is one of the arenas of life where notions of success and failure in a discipline, company or career path can either strengthen our sense of self or run us aground. I would welcome conversation around the topics I choose.