Quiet Space

The Pearlish Moon

A strange and surreptitious moon
steals a kiss of my brow
with its thin brush of light
in the still of a timeless night.

I awake to a crystal ball
beaming radiant white,
creeping towards the center
of my sight from out of the veil
that clasps the fathomless universe.

A lone watery pearl
hangs pendulant
above the silhouetted slopes.
Midst the dream-sleep
of the Sun worshippers,
He seeks me out in secret
to share in the mirror
of my mind the mysteries
of our shining deeps.

The stunning Jewel,
its irresistible awe,
pierces a drawbridge
through the portals of my eyes
to some inner, soundless space.
I am spellbound,
nesting in the luster
of His perfect-ness.

We traverse the sky.
I, casting off sleep,
cupped in His sweet repose.
We drift in a southerly prone,
lifted on a crepuscular throne.
Then, in a thief’s escape,
He slips beneath my view.

O pearlish moon,
I am consumed by the bliss
of our mid-night tryst,
bereft of all desire,
lit by your moonbeams
aflame in me
and alive as live can be.