Quiet Space

Rain on the Mountain

Nainital (India)

Atop my cold mountain,
Mother Nature turned sky to sea
and tipped it earthwards
With a mischievous eye,
She winks at me,
calls me as a witness
to her untamed fantasy.

Oceanic waves cascade
over window and roof,
boulder and wood,
valleys and knolls,
its drumbeat breath
through day and night
into every infinitesimal cell.

No hollow, no crevice, no nook
eludes the cold flush
of her sweep across the earth.
Forbidden frailty
for the trees,
the birds, the monkeys,
and the sun-faced pansies,
laid bare beneath her swords.

I and my cold mountain
bow to your omniscience, O Rain.
Let us drown,
in the silence
and in the silence of your name.