Our Planet


Be the motion of my breath
and the salt of my sweat.
Come in, come in to my heart
and be the song that never ceases
humming and humming,
joyous, yes, in being,
timeless yet forever changing,
day after day, wave upon wave,
no two ever the same.
Let me be your ears.
Hear the thunderous crash,
the welling up
the gentle lull
the effusive, wild spray.
And see with my eyes
the tops spinning in the tow,
your eddies of laughter in the rush
to edge up the shore.
Oh, ancient beauty,
if I tell you who you are,
will you make me like
the fearless crabs,
bowing on tiny legs
to thou colossal wall of sea?
Whitewash . . .
Glinting, claws to the sand,
speckish but tall.
Hear me, o-cean.
Melt my solitude into your blue infinitude
and let me rock in the rhythm of your to-and-fro.