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Enchantments of the River

Enchantments of the River

You need to sail naked
Through what is left of the forest
To discover what the earth was in the beginning
And then penetrate, deeply moved,
Through the spaces of light the river offers,
Where the forest and the water balance,
Wisely governed by the birds.

For it is only here where the earth
Is not yet desecrated
That the ugly fear of death
Spawned by human beings, does not reign.

On the beach, the turtle lays its eggs,
Contemplated by the stork;
On the sand, the alligator rests
Serious, like a general in uniform.

The tortoise spies from the woods;
Wild ducks and toucans drink the morning breeze
While a band of yellow butterflies announce
That the world is fragile, like a dance.

Along the riverbank, searching for water
Roots reveal the direction of life.
It seems that goodness passed through the world
Before consciousness was perverted.

Today I don’t want to meet anyone,
Just stay by the river forever,
To judge, without hurting it
The true dimension of the earth.

Paulo Gabriel