At Home

Christmas Present

We have crossed over the winter solstice. The light will grow longer with every day and we will slowly start to move out of hibernation, leaving the bears to dictate when winter is truly over. And we are in the midst of the yule season and many people today are celebrating with family and friends. … Continue reading »

Quiet Space


Free-floating, drifting flakes No reason, direction, or purpose I am their mirror Seeing through eyes through glass No reason, direction, or purpose Just here, where I happen to be.   Give me time and in time, I will act and interact For now, leave me outside of time Where nothing matters And the frosty-white painted … Continue reading »

Our Planet

The Nerve Endings of Nature

Not unlike the subconscious layer of the mind that drives most of our behavior and interaction with other fellow beings, plants also have an underground system for sending out signals in affinity with other kin or other species. There is a lot going on underneath the surface to which we humans are not privy. But … Continue reading »